Meditation by Visualization

Simplest, Easiest and productive way of Meditation is by Visualization. This technique of meditation is a great meditation technique which can give you positive results. The terms used with respect to meditation are often doing communication with sub concious mind and many other related meditation stuff. The first thing to remember before starting up any […]

Yoga for Beginners

This post can be a guide to anybody who is looking forward to get learn basic yoga and can be a good post to understand is there in yoga for beginners.  In case you are totally new to this yoga concepts and have just heard the word Yoga or your friend has joined yoga class […]

What’s special about Goa – India

Goa is a special place in India due to lots of reasons. Goa is often visited by tourists from all across the globe and nearby places such as Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka, Belgaum, etc. Lots of beaches often attracts tourists from all over the world. North Goa and South Goa are both popular and has lots […]

Yoga FAQs

This post provides few short questions and answers about Yoga. FAQ or frequently asked questions is the term normally used to answer question which are predicted to be questioned and answered on a regular basis. This FAQ section about yoga will try to provide answers to short question so that anybody who might have heard […]

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is often associated with lots of benefits for Men, Women and even children. Yoga is being used for weight loss, mental therapy, help to keep the body clean and flexible. Yoga has been associated with various health improvements helping to cure ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. As Yoga is all about physical and mental exercise, […]

Yoga School in Goa

The Oldest Yoga School in Goa is in Arambol running yoga classes for last more than 2 decades or 20 years under the name of Himalayan Yoga center. The Yoga centre provides short term and long term courses on basic and advanced yoga techniques. Irrespective where you are in India, the weather, food, people and other factors […]

Is Meditation completely safe to practice ?

Nops Meditation is not completely safe to practise and must be done with care, and with proper guidance from a teacher. There are thousand ways to do right things in wrong ways. Similar question can be is water a safe liquid to drink and again the answer is nops water is not completely safe to […]

Pranayama in Arambol Goa

Yes now you can learn Pranayama in Arambol of Goa – India. The Pranayama course is taught by yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience.  Pranayama is nothing but controlled breathing and is often linked with Yoga. Controlling Mind is enough to control the whole body. On one side Yoga allows you to take […]

Meditation is not Magic

Willing to learn Meditation ? In case yes, please do note that it is not a magic and requires efforts and dedication to learn Meditation. Although doing Meditation is actually free and does not requires any sort of equipment or any scientific gadgets. The only thing you need to spend to learn and get the […]

Guide to Meditation

Meditation is often referred to as relaxing mind and body using controlled breathing. This guide to Meditation will further explore facts about meditation. There are many ways in which you can do meditation. Yoga is many times linked to meditation and both Yoga and Meditation often go hand in hand. This article provides the basics […]